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Pepper trails Kitchen, let the taste adventure begin!

What people say about our cookery session?

Nadya - Submitted on: 13/1/2012

Very interesting experience to visit a house in a new country and to meet the family. The Food was delicious and the demonstrations were very good! Thank you so much for creating such a great experience. The hosts were very attentive and nice! We had an amazing time! Please come to Russia to open an India restaurant.

Alice Germany Submitted on: 18/10/2011

It was really a very very nice evening with such delicious food and beautiful and warm people! The preparations how it was shown was excellent done and very easy to understand the way of Indian cooking !! And very very sweet kids,we really enjoyed all of you a lot. Thanks for this wonderful and great experience in your amazing house here in kerala.

Deborah Jansz Malayasia Submitted on: 13/1/2012

Thank you for your hospitality and especially making us feel at home. The recipes and the tips given will prove invaluable in helping us to remember kerala. Your recipes are authentic and reflect the taste and smell of kerala. Thank you for the experience

Mark Harpin Usa Submitted on: 13-01-2012

I am very interested in cooking Indian food at home, so this was very interesting to me. I enjoyed watching the prep of each step & interactive nature of taking questions. I would have liked to see the preparation of 1st milk & 2nd milk, as Ive never had the opportunity to see that process. The food was out standing; A wonderful mix of spicy, savory & sweet. Your home is welcoming & loving. I felt I was very welcome guest MANY THANKS... Mark. H

Sally, United Kingdom,  Submitted on: 23-12-2009

Every one was very friendly, cooking demonstration was very good interesting & lovely to have the recipes to take home.

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