Who we are?

Pepper Trails reflects Simi and Kishore Charley’s passion for Kerala cuisine.

We urge you to spend a day at Pepper Trails nestled in a lush green valley, a little away from Kochi city. Restful and invigorating, with a home grown kitchen garden, local fruit trees and vegetation and a contemporary architectural bungalow; a day at Pepper Trails will draw you away from a touristy experience into a homely and informal introduction to the local cuisine.

Allow us to add another dimension to your holiday - the magic of food, flavor and spices that make Kerala cuisine one of a kind - and an opportunity to watch an expert weave this magic right before your eyes. Click here to make your reservation.

People behind Pepper Trails !


Mr.Kishore Charley

Kishore CharleyMeet Kishore Charley, your host, the main coordinator and the strength behind the venture. Kishore has a degree in Law from The Indian Law Society Pune and an MBA in Human Resource Management. He manages Pepper Trails with panache. Visitors are warmed by his easy hospitality and love for nature; the abundance of verdant beauty of Kothamangalam where he grew up is evident in his love for his land.

Kishore belongs to the Pittappillil family that has a 250-year heritage in Kerala. The family nurtured spice and rubber plantations. They were spices traders and supplied spices to The East India Company during the 18th century. Today, the Pittappillils continue to maintain rubber, coconut, spice, vanilla and pineapple plantations in the foothills of the Western Ghats (mountains) of India at Kothamangalam – the gateway to the Kerala High Ranges, east of Kochi city. Kishore is currently planning Pepper Trails Farm Tourism to make these beautiful and verdant historic plantations one of the must-see places in Kerala.

Mrs. Simi

Simi, Peppertrails, South Indian Kitchen Simi is Kishore’s dear wife and the heart of Pepper Trails. Simi planned and custom-designed her dream kitchen when Simi and Kishore built their home. She got her dream and their family and friends from India and abroad got to taste Simi’s flavorsome culinary skills. Her ability to share easy Keralean cooking tips and methods coupled with appreciation and encouragement of friends lead to opening up their home for Pepper Trails – A place where Keralean cooking is demystified through an informal and homely cooking experience.

Simi is the daughter of an hotelier and her background experience and constant learning has qualified her as a culinary expert. Kishore and Simi are parents of two children.

Mrs. Raimol

Raimol, Peppertrails cooking class.Raimol adds zest to the Pepper Trails cooking classes. Her sessions are always enjoyable with her passion for gastronomical adventure and delight in all things food. Her cooking ideas will make your experience go beyond witnessing something new and inspire you to bring novelty to your everyday cooking. Raimol was raised in Northern Kerala – Kannur district also known as Malabar. Food from Malabar is renowned for flavor and spices different from the rest of Kerala.

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Janet Mott
Country , Great Britain

A very interesting & enjoyable demonstration of kerala cooking. The hospitality and friendship has been very warm & welcoming. A lovely way to spend a day in wonderful incredible India.....

Country , United Kingdom

Interesting to see how foods that I have eaten many times are cooked. I am pleased to have the recipes to take home. Lovely house &friendly people. Very many thanks.....

Private Company
Country , United Kingdom

Cooking demonstration was very interesting, nice to see how some of keralas traditional dishes are made. Beautiful house &very friendly. Thank you....

Country , United Kingdom,

Every one was very friendly, cooking demonstration was very good interesting & lovely to have the recipes to take home. ....

Cozette Hendricks
Take away recipes a good idea
- , Singapore

Very interesting experience in a very cozy atmosphere.Handy to have the chef experience,so even non cooks like myself are well guided. Take away recipes a good idea to help recreate the dishes at home. ....

Mark Harpin
A wonderful mix of spicy, savory & sweet
California , Usa

I am very interested in cooking Indian food at home, so this was very interesting to me. I enjoyed watching the prep of each step & interactive nature of taking questions. I would have liked to see the preparation of 1s....

Deborah Jansz
Recipes are authentic and reflect the taste
Malayasia , Malayasia

Thank you for your hospitality and especially making us feel at home. The recipes and the tips given will prove invaluable in helping us to remember kerala. Your recipes are authentic and reflect the taste and smell o....

Delicious food and beautiful and warm people!
Germany , Germany

It was really a very very nice evening with such delicious food and beautiful and warm people! The preparations how it was shown was excellent done and very easy to understand the way of Indian cooking !! And very very ....

The hosts were very attentive and nice!
Russia , -

Very interesting experience to visit a house in a new country and to meet the family. The Food was delicious and the demonstrations were very good! Thank you so much for creating such a great experience. The hosts were v....

Katerina Gubina
I had very delicious dinner...
- , Russia

Thank you so much for the hospitality and kindness! I had very delicious dinner. It was very interesting to see how to cook traditional Indian food. India is an amazing country to explore. ....

Naas Dagmar
It was nice to stay with Indian families
- , Germany

It was a great and informative tour. The over all impression was very good. The evening at pepper trails was very nice. Beautiful house, friendly people. The cooking presentation was lovely. The food was nice. It was nic....

Eva veith
Great experience
- , Germany

The cooking demonstration was really nice and a great experience. Very positieve: the private atmosphere! To stay to cook and to eat in a private house-like being with friends this was wonderful, thank you very much. A....

Mrs. Swantje Lucas
Authentic Indian food
- , Germany

-Very good experience. -Friendly welcome. -Authentic Indian food. -open and interested family members. -We would recommend this is to our clients/groups. -Everybody was very caring, had the possibility to talk to In....

Mrs. Baerbel Schroeter
Great atmosphere
- , Germany

The dishes were very delicious and the atmosphere were great. Thank you for your hospitality. Hope to see you next year when I come with a group. ....

Marco Maul
I was in a family, Great!
- , Germany

Great experience. It was very nice. Very good food and friendly people. I thought I was in a family, Great! Thank you again for this really nice experience. ....